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Our Goal

SeersIRC RBL is developed as a way we can give back to the IRC community to help combat the ever growing problem of spam and abuse of proxies.


Currently the blacklist provides blocks for the following.
  1. Un-used
  2. Malicious IPs
    • Spam drones/clones added by SeersIRC staff and various automated methods
  3. Open proxies
    • As scanned by SeersIRC Open Proxy Monitors
  4. Public Submitted Malicious IPs
    • Spam drones/clones added by other networks
  5. Public Submitted Open Proxies
    • Added by other networks Open Proxy monitors

Zone 2 - Malicious IPs

While we ensure to the best of our ability the IPs in 2nd zone are correct we are human and do make mistakes.

Zones 4 and 5

We can not give any assurance as to the accuracy of the 4th and 5th zones as they are publicly submitted. Networks that submit excessive or intentional incorrect entires will have their contribution rights removed.


Zone 2,4 & 5 Due to the nature of these zones you may remove yourself automatically. Use the lookup tool using your own IP ( and follow the instructions provided. You are only permitted to remove your current IP. For removal of a different IP from these zones please follow the steps below for Zone 3.

Zone 3 For removal from Zone 3 (Open Proxies), you must E-Mail with the details provided by the lookup form above requesting your IP be retested.